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Henry Miller on Writing (my reading notes)

Henry Miller (the writer) is widely regarded for his avant garde approach to writing, particularly about s3x. Many people on the internet share his 11 commandments of writing. But Miller had much, much more to say about writing, as Thomas M. Moore shows in his Henry Miller on Writing published by New Directions Books.

AcWri highlighting and scribbling while on airplanes

I tweeted my reading notes of the book, which are now stored in this blog post for posterity.

Repertoires are important. You can’t dance or sing or play all things in the book. I am NOT prepared to dance everything. I can dance salsa very, very competitively, merengue so-and-so, tango I can do one or two pieces well, and the rest, well, not in my realm. Same with piano. I have my repertoire (a couple things from Manuel M. Ponce, Beethoven, Chopin). Methodologically, I have a repertoire of techniques too (spatial, qualitative, quantitative, social network analysis). And organizationally, we should also have a repertoire of programs.

Some days/mornings/evenings you work on assembling data and analyzing, other days you nap.

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