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Writing a research paper, book chapter or dissertation/thesis chapter

I decided to assemble all the blog posts I’ve written on the different components of research articles, conference papers and book chapters. I’ll do a similar process for my posts on how to write book manuscripts (since I’m completing 3 volumes at the time of writing this, August 2018). Titles of the blog posts are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ve decided to make them

Writing research papers: The process

Writing a first rough draft of a research paper in 8 steps

Going from idea to full manuscript: how to write a scholarly paper

Two methods for drafting a paper outline: asking questions and listing topic sentences

Writing research papers, broken down by stage/section of the paper.

How to write a paper’s abstract

Writing a research paper’s introduction

Writing a Discussion section of a journal article or scholarly paper.

How to write the conclusion of a paper

Revising Manuscripts

Backcasting a Revise-And-Resubmit (R&R) Manuscript

Writing research: The concepts.

Linking research with theory, choosing a theoretical framework and developing alternative explanations

This blog post establishes the links between choices of theoretical frameworks, development of theoretical expectations and plausible, alternative explanations and the process of linking research with theory.

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