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Resources for Undergraduate Students

This page is intended to help undergraduate students navigate the university experience. These posts aren’t specific to Academic Writing, or Literature Reviews, but they are more “general advice” type of posts.

My page on Reading Heuristics for Undegraduates can be found by clicking here.

Taking effective notes

In this post I summarize how I take notes, hopefully of value to my own students, undergraduate and graduate!

Advice for undergraduates as they return to school

in the spirit of the back-to-school day, here are some pieces of advice I used to give my UBC students every beginning of the year. These apply regardless of school as I believe they apply to students’ situation always in one way or another.

Resources to write critical reviews of journal articles

One of the biggest challenges my students find is knowing how to summarize and critique a journal article. In this post, I have assembled a few pieces of advice from various sources, and combine them with my own approach.

Best practices in social media for undergraduate students.

The question that I get asked the most when I give talks to professors on how to use social media is “what are your best practices on using Twitter and Facebook with your students?”. In this post, I answer this question.

How to properly ask your professors for letters of recommendation.

At some point, most of my hard-working students will come back and ask me “Dr. Pacheco-Vega, would you please write a letter of reference for me?”. This post summarizes what I ask from my students so that I can write a robust, sound and articulate letter of reference.

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