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I frequently develop consulting projects in several areas. The following is a sample of consultancy contracts I’ve engaged in over the years:

a) Public policy (design, evaluation and implementation)

Over the course of my career I’ve lead multidisciplinary teams to undertake public policy design, evaluation and implementation projects. These projects have ranged from developing workshops for international agencies on a diverse range of areas of public policy to providing input for the design and implementation of new government agencies, policies and programmes.

(USD $60,000) United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through World Wildlife Fund Mexico (WWF-Mexico), Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático (INECC). Proposal for the institutional design and generation of conceptual and methodological input for the evaluation of the national climatic change policy in Mexico. Led a team that designed the Office for Evaluation of the National Climate Policy in Mexico. Analysed climate policies across the world, produced several reports that were used by INECC to choose a specific institutional design. (Principal Investigator)

b) Applied research

I frequently help organizations and institutions with applied research projects, ranging from developing policy briefs to participating in expert roundtables.

(USD $10,000) Fundación Konrad Adenauer, A.C. (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung). Workshop to Analyze the General Law for Equilibrium and Environmental Protection, 25 Years After its Publication. Organized a workshop and wrote a conceptual note to discuss the Mexican General Law for Equilibrium and Environmental Protection. Principal Investigator, Co-Organizer of Workshop (with Leticia Bonifaz, CIDE)

c) Qualitative and mixed methods and fieldwork support

I have conducted several consultancy projects that require the application of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods expertise. I have organized and ran focus groups, conducted interviews and ethnographic fieldwork, and developed methodological tools, strategies and techniques to understand applied policy problems.

($USD 30,000) World Bank: Development of a Qualitative Methodology to Understand Climate Mobility. Developed a methodological note on qualitative studies of climate migration, constructed a suite of interview questionnaires, conducted ethnographic fieldwork and analysed fieldnotes and interview data using MAXQDA, and produced several reports as inputs for a Country Note. (Principal Investigator: Dr. Armelle Gouritin – Lead Qualitative Researcher: Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega)

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