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Public administration, public policy and public management research

Here I have accumulated a few blog posts on my thoughts on policy research as well as discussions around public policy, public management and public administration as scholarly fields.

Studying policy change vs the policy cycle

Here I make a summary of my own research contributions and whether I have contributed more to studying stages in the policy cycle (agenda-setting, implementation) or the factors that influence policy change (ideas, interests and institutions, for example).

Policy transfer and sustainable transportation policy in Copenhagen and Aguascalientes

My frustration with Aguascalientes (the city where I live right now) and its lack of sustainable transportation infrastructure is depicted in this blog post. I compare Aguascalientes with Vancouver (Canada) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Should public administration and public management scholarship be subjected to the same transparency standards as political science?

In this post I delve quickly into the current state of the debates. I briefly discuss what DA-RT is and ask whether its transparency requirements fit the bill for PA and PM work. This is a response to an excellent piece by Dr. Lars Tummers on the Public Administration Review blog.

On the power of ethnography in public policy research

As someone who does ethnography regularly, I know for a fact that it’s a time-consuming, energy-consuming method. However, as several of my colleagues from other universities worldwide noted, it’s definitely a technique and philosophy that can reveal insights that other methods may not.

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