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POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics (Term 2)

POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics

Environmental problems don’t recognize national frontiers. Climate change, desertification, deforestation, global water scarcity are all problems that affect us regardless of geographical location. Cross-boundary environmental degradation and over-exploitative access to common pool resources have frequently lead to conflict and confrontation. How can we protect our shared bio-physical resources? This course explores the politics of international environmental problems from a global perspective. We will look at current global environmental issues, including but not limited to climate change, transboundary hazardous waste movement, fisheries depletion and e-waste. This course will provide the student with a broad set of theoretical approaches to the study of international and global environmental politics. We will discuss the role of policymakers, scientists, non-state actors and nation-states in establishing and maintaining environmental protection efforts worldwide.

The syllabus for POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics (Spring 2011, Term 2) can be found here.

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