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The Collaborative Resource Governance Lab (CoReGovLab)

With the generous support of the National Research Council of Mexico (CONACyT, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia) through a 2 year collaborative inter-institutional grant to Dr. Adriana Rodriguez (Centro GEO) and Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega (CIDE) through the National Problems 2015 Grant Programme (Problemas Nacionales) to study water conflict in Mexico, we have established the Collaborative Resource Governance Laboratory (Laboratorio de Gobernanza Colaborativa del Agua, CoReGovLab) in May of 2017. The Lab is hosted by the Region Centro campus of CIDE.

CoReGovLab focuses on, among other things, understanding the potential causes of sub-national water conflict, explaining which factors contribute to emergence and escalation of conflicts and designing potential solutions to these conflicts. Currently the Lab is undertaking a two year, multi-sited study of urban and rural water conflicts. Our cases range from protests for water privatization to highly-contested confrontations sparked by mega-projects of water infrastructure development, including dams and aqueducts.

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