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The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers (my reading notes)

As a qualitative researcher who mentors students in conducting research using these methods in a primarily quantitative institution, it’s hard to do both mentoring theses and teaching them skills if you don’t teach the methods courses (which I couldn’t do even if I wanted to).

AcWri at the Comfort Inn Santa Fe Bosques

Therefore, with all the pain in my heart I have to send my students to do independent reading on methods if they choose a technique that is qualitative and in which they were not trained (remember I mentor students from other campuses and universities too). Obviously, I share with them my knowledge base for specific readings and books they ought to check out, and I guide them throughout the process.

One of the books I’ve liked the most throughout my career, (and I learned qualitative methods in graduate school!) is Johnny Saldaña’s “The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers“. This book is, in my opinion, canonical for anyone trying to learn how to code written material and undertake qualitative analysis.

Overall, I believe reading Saldaña’s book coupled with the Ryan and Barnard 2000 classic article should be a good introduction to how to undertake coding for qualitative researchers.

If you liked this blog post, perhaps you’d want to check my reading notes of other books on various topics, including scholarly writing, or my page on reading notes of books geared towards doctoral candidates undertaking their dissertation research. Disclaimer: I purchase all my books with my own hard earned money, and I receive absolutely no cash from promoting, reading or reviewing these books. My intention is simply to help others in academia, particularly graduate students and scholars at the margins.

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  1. Damian says

    Thanks for this! As always, really helpful and instructive. I was wondering what is the classical article by Ryan and Barnard (2000) that you refer to. It would be great to know

  2. Raul Pacheco-Vega says

    The Ryan and Bernard 2003 article can be found here though I am sure if you Google it there’s an ungated version.

  3. Damian says

    Mil gracias! I suspected it was that paper. I found it doing a google search and already skimmed it. It is, indeed, a really helpful combination of references.

    All the best,

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