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On Writing (Stephen King) (my reading notes)

I’ll say it upfront: I HATE memoirs. I also hate the rhetorical moves that come with writing these memoirs. Even more so, I totally despise how some amazing and well-renowned authors use these memoir-writing strategies to provide writing advice.

My #AcWri #GetYourManuscriptOut desk

Having let that out of the way, let me say that Stephen King IS the king of writing and obviously that’s because he knows his craft. Just about every single person who ever said anything about Stephen King and his writing has praised “On Writing“. And since I was on a books-about-writing shopping spree, and it was cheap, I added it to my purchases’ list.

This was a great idea, and one I will never regret.

Instead of reading listicles that indicate what people have learned from King, like this one and this one, you could simply buy the book and read it yourself. Be forewarned: the first 100 pages are BORING. Or at least, *I* found them boring.

King is right, you can make an excellent writer out of someone who is simply competent at the craft.

And yes, Stephen King suggests that you should read. Don’t @ me.

The book is good, even if it took me the first 140 pages to get it.

As I’ve said – we need to stop feeling guilty about reading.

On the speed, word count and page count debates: Jesus Christ, I wish I had this speed.

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