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Resources for Graduate Students

There is some advice that is useful for both undergraduate and graduate students, but I find that these posts fit more the needs of Masters’ and Doctoral candidates. Obviously, if you’re looking for advice on Academic Writing, Literature Reviews, Reading Strategies, Organization and Time Management, all of these can be found in their own sub-pages.

Preparing the overall elements of a doctoral thesis or dissertation before the defense or viva.

As I’ve graduated several PhD students and I myself have gone through the process of preparing and defending a doctoral dissertation, I decided to write a blog post where I summarized what I think are the core elements of a doctoral dissertation and how should a PhD student present those elements in a doctoral thesis defense or PhD viva.

Preparing for comprehensive-qualifying-preliminary doctoral exams

This is the process I followed to prepare for my comps, hopefully it will be useful to others!

Narrowing the thesis/dissertation topic

It’s always hard to convince an eager graduate student to narrow their topic to make the research more manageable. I decided to blog about this issue.

A few common mistakes that I’ve seen in academic job market applications

It’s hard to provide academic job market advice since the number of tenure-track positions is quickly dwindling. However, I figured this post might be helpful to those who are seeking those positions.

Time management during grad school: If you must work, work on Sundays

My PhD advisor suggested that, no matter how hard I had to work and how many hours I had to put in, I always had to take AT LEAST one day off. I experimented doing both, then Saturday, and then I settled on Sunday. This post explains a few reasons why.

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