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Cleaning and organizing my office before the school term starts

While normally I try to keep my desk quite neat, both at my home office and at my campus office, I always need to spend some time cleaning up, organizing and rearranging my stuff before the new semester starts. I do this as well every time I finish a writing piece. I need to reorganize everything and always start with a clean slate. This is my office after the clean up.

Clean office at CIDE

Clean office at CIDE

Clean office at CIDE

Unfortunately, as you can see, the number of books I have has now officially outgrown the space I have available on my bookshelves. So now I need to ask my carpenter to build me another bookcase. Yikes. Before the semester starts officially (we come back to work on Monday, but I start teaching August 17th).

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  1. Meerim Karybaeva says

    Dear Dr.Pacheco-Vega, thank you so much for your posts. I keep reading them and try following the advice. Have you ever thought of publishing a book with a collection of blog posts from your website as they are? I am a very tidy person myself and like to keep my readings categorized and sorted. When reading your posts (which I find very useful), I regret that I cannot save them and print them so I could refer to them as my desk book. I am a first generation PhD student, I am learning everything from a scratch, so refer to your posts very often. Your blog is like a safe lagoon where I find similar attitude to the organisation of things.

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