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The Impact of Elinor Ostrom’s Scholarship on Commons Governance in Mexico

My latest journal article has been published in a special issue of Policy Matters (The CEESP Journal) in memory of Elinor Ostrom. Because of my personal connection with Lin and Vincent Ostrom, this particular piece has a very strong emotional component. I am, by and large, a better scholar, human being and professor thanks to what I learned from Lin and Vincent. My piece intends to be an intellectual history of Lin’s work and how it has impacted and continues to impact commons governance in Mexico. You can download it by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Raul Pacheco-Vega (2014) “The impact of Elinor Ostrom’s research on Mexican commons governance: An overview” In: “Remembering Elinor Ostrom. Her Work and Its Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management“. Special Issue Edited by James P. Robson, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt, Alyne Delaney, Gabriela Lichtenstein, Lapolonga Magole, Aroha Te Pareake MEad. Policy Matters. Issue 19. CEESP and IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. Pp. 23-34.

Professor Elinor Ostrom’s work was extremely influential worldwide, and this includes important contributions to Mexican commons governance. From water governance to forest stewardship to small-scale fisheries’ management, Ostrom’s institutional approach to analyzing commons problems and uncovering opportunities for self-organization where solutions to complex resource management issues were not straightforward, has been successfully applied to case studies across the country. This paper summarizes lessons learned from such cases, which cover a broad range of resource areas and issues, and offers insight into the level of impact that Ostrom’s work has had and continues to have on Mexico’s extensive natural resource commons.

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