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Writing a research paper, book chapter or dissertation/thesis chapter

I decided to assemble all the blog posts I’ve written on the different components of research articles, conference papers and book chapters. I’ll do a similar process for my posts on how to write book manuscripts (since I’m completing 3 volumes at the time of writing this, August 2018). Titles of the blog posts are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ve decided to make them

Writing research papers: The process

Writing a first rough draft of a research paper in 8 steps

Going from idea to full manuscript: how to write a scholarly paper

Writing research papers, broken down by stage/section of the paper.

How to write a paper’s abstract

Two methods for drafting a paper outline: asking questions and listing topic sentences

Writing a research paper’s introduction

Writing a Discussion section of a journal article or scholarly paper.

How to write the conclusion of a paper

Backcasting a Revise-And-Resubmit (R&R) Manuscript

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