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Experts Workshop on E-Waste Governance in the United States and Mexico #UCMEXUSEWaste

This past week, Dr. Kate O’Neill (University of California, Berkeley) and I (Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega, Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Económicas, CIDE) co-organized an experts workshop on the governance of electronic waste in Mexico and the United States.

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 069

This workshop is one of the components of the project Kate and I are undertaking to understand variations in patterns of governance of electronic waste, be it in the formal or the informal sector.

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 016

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 038We brought together a group of experts from all over the country to discuss the similarities, differences, opportunities and challenges that governing electronic waste brings forth. We were able to conduct the workshop thanks to generous funding from the University of California Institute for Mexico-US Studies, through a grant to Dr. O’Neill and myself from the UCMEXUS-CONACYT Collaborative Grants program. Our project (funded within the 2013 cohort) is entitled: “Exploring models of electronic wastes governance in the United States and Mexico: Recycling, risk and environmental justice” (in Spanish: Explorando modelos de gobernanza de residuos electrónicos en los Estados Unidos y México: Reciclaje, riesgo y justicia ambiental).

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 008

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 056

We are extraordinarily grateful to UCMEXUS for the collaborative opportunities that this project afforded Dr. O’Neill and myself. Through the workshop, we were able not only to bring together several experts to share their knowledge and expertise with us, but we were also able to find major gaps in the literature that a series of future collaborative projects can address.

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 109

Throughout the workshop, we found that it was important and fundamental to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. Therefore, Kate and I have decided to make access to the presentations, minutes and results from the project Open Access (with permission of the UCMEXUS CONACYT Grant program).

Here is the Flickr photo set of the photos I took during the workshop. Thanks again to UCMEXUS CONACYT Collaborative Grants program for facilitating this workshop. You can also read the tweets I sent during the workshop using the hashtag #UCMEXUSEWaste.

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Governance Workshop

UC MEXUS CONACYT E Waste Workshop July 2016 117

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