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Strategies for academic success: Have the resources necessary for your work

This may sound trite, but I’m really thrilled that I am working at CIDE. The truth is, in the last 12 months I have received more institutional support than I had in more than a decade (both as a PhD student and as a faculty member at my previous institution). I am never shy to admit why I’m doing so well, and why this 2012-2013 academic cycle has been so productive for me: I have the resources that I need to succeed.

My office at CIDE Region Centro during and after writing a paper

The statement I wrote applies both to my institutional environment and my home. If you notice in these photos of my office at CIDE Region Centro, you will see that I have a laptop, a desktop, a tablet computer and an all-in-one laser printer (with scanner and photocopier integrated). Having all these pieces of hardware does enable me substantially. I don’t need to leave my office to print anything as I can print at my own office. We do have shared printers, and I’m grateful for those, but I am also very relieved that I now have my very own printer (this was my belated birthday gift to myself).

My office at CIDE Region Centro during and after writing a paper

I have access to an excellent library, both personal and on campus (full disclosure: I am the library representative of CIDE Region Centro to the main library at CIDE Santa Fe, thus I have a personal stake and interest in having the best book and journal collection in all of Mexico). I have access to online journals. My offices, both at CIDE Region Centro and at my home are both equipped with everything I possibly may need (including photos and framed pictures of my nieces and nephews for motivation).

Thus, it is hardly news that I’m successful. I am given the mental, physical and intellectual space to thrive, and in turn I make the best use of these resources.

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