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Circadian rhythms and classifying tasks according to energy required

I work according to my circadian rhythm, which may be completely different to that of other people. I do wake up at Ungodly In The Morning (4:00am, or 4:30 when I’m a bit tired, or 6:00 am on weekends – for my reasoning for doing this, you can read this blog post), and obviously by the time I hit mid-day (12 noon), I’m done with the day. At most, I’m coherent around 1-2pm. And then, I need food and a nap, which normally lasts 1.5 hours (for my bi-phasic sleep cycle blog post, you can click here).

I think you can understand why I sleep with this at night :)

I strongly believe that we ought to listen to our bodies and circadian rhythms. And try to stay healthy as much as we can.

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